Thursday, May 17, 2007

Catch Up

Seems like it's been forever since I sat down to compose the goings on in our lives! Ok, so I've been slacking, sorry! Hmmm, where to begin. Brendon and I are down to about 3 weeks of training left before our big 10 K run. I actually skipped the run today as I was feeling a bit tired or lazy, whatever you want to call it. I was able to run the entire run on Tuesday though so I feel good about that, it was nearly 4 miles, yay! Brendon has been doing quite well too, he commented the other day that he does better when he runs by himself, he discovered that chatting and running kind of slows you down. I'm just so proud that he's doing this. On top of running Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays, Brendon is also playing soccer on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Some nights are pretty short! Jack is hanging in there, he's an excellent spectator as he yells "Go May-roon", fyi, Brendon's team is maroon.

I still have yet to finish poor Jenny's denim jacket. I have not turned the sewing machine on in what seems like ages. I guess it was just around Easter time so it has been awhile. A couple friends held a rummage sale last weekend in which I was able to unload some unwanted items into so cleaning prior to that had to take priority over crafting, unfortunately.

Mother's Day weekend was wonderful. We visited with Kirk's parents in Neenah on Saturday and had dinner. My mother-in-law gifted me a box of chocolates - yum! We got her a sock knitting book, Easy Knitted Socks, to take along on their trip to Europe which they should be heading to shortly! Hopefully it's helpful on their long plane trip!

This is what I received my wonderful hubby and boys! Kirk, Brendon and Jack each picked out a ball of sock yarn, super thoughtful! They also got me the latest Rob Thomas cd and a yummy chocolate bar, still untouched, mind you! I'm trying to get through some of my projects before I start another. I'm currently working on jaywalkers, I have about 3 1/2 inches to go on the first one. I don't have any pics of that, sorry! The baby blanket for my friend Michelle has only 10 more inches to go, YES!!! I love it but I will probably never knit another baby blanket again, ever!

It's getting there, lots of ends to sew in once I reach the end. Upon completion of this, I can then start the Honeymoon Cami, see sidebar which I already have some ggh mystik yarn in coral for. Some other summery projects will hopefully follow.

Last but certainly not least, here is my baby yesterday. He put his hat and rainboots on and went outside to "mow the lawn", came in and passed out on the living room floor. Coincidentally, he's doing this same thing right now!
Until next time!

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Paul said...

Mowing the lawn can really tucker a kid out, huh? I like the hat... :)