Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lists and Lists and, oh you get the picture!

I read a post on one of my most watched blogs the other day, Michelle Can Knit regarding a contest offered on another site, Skeins Her Way. So the object, and hence the title of this post, is to list your summer knitting projects. By the way, if you follow my link and sign up, I get another entry so all of my knitting friends are encouraged to do so! Like Michelle (above), I am a list maker. I have strayed from time to time, like now! But need to get back as lists do help me tremendously! Lists of things to pack, errands that need to be done, grocery lists that should be followed, chore lists, you know, LISTS!! So now I have to compose a list of summer knitting projects, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  1. Finish felted messenger bag (almost done)
  2. Knit Honeymoon Cami for me
  3. Halter for my friend Jen (this will be a compilation of patterns or my first design attempt!)
  4. Another top for me
  5. Finish jaywalkers
  6. Knit match to sock already done
  7. Knit something for my new niece or nephew who could come anytime between now and 4 weeks from now! Probably socks or booties.
  8. Hopefully, if I win, I'll be knitting this fitted tank!

WHEW!!! Ambitious, yes, but I have a love of knitting and its on a list so I'm determined. I would love to add some Christmas gifts on my list as well but after typing and reaching 8, I will wait and hope for a smooth Fall. I'm sure there will be some ankle socks in there too as fillers. I aim high!

Aside from this, I finished the baby blanket this last weekend - whoo hoo! Pics up soon! The weather here has been awesome the last few days and will be again today - 83 degrees is really really nice. Running is going well, only 5 more organized training runs left. We ran 4 miles Monday and Tuesday, it's 5 on Thursday - weather permitting. I will miss the training but I do think I enjoy running. I'll fit it in my schedule somehow - hopefully in the morning. Running after school is let out is great to do with the kids but it's tough when it breaks up the day. Speaking of kids, mine are doing super! School is almost out so Brendon is anxious! Jack has had a busy weekend at the grandparents and then I babysat the last few days so he's in need of "Mommy time". I think we will visit my sister, Jean, today. She's in the hospital until the baby is born - as above, any day or 4 weeks!

All for now!


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