Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jaywalkers - DONE!

Yay! I finished the Jaywalkers on Tuesday night after Brendon's final soccer game.
Before these were officially done, I received my package from the Sock of the Month Club I joined, I was shocked at how hideous the contents were! I'm all about the flag and red, white and blue but I'm not sure I want socks that way! Yes, the yarn is a red, white and blue stripe, could be cute but the stripes are actually quite large. The pattern sent has a lacy, ripply effect, the designer was going for a rippling flag. Yeah, will not be using the pattern! It would be cute in solid color though so I'll file it away. As for the yarn:

Jack will be getting a pair of socks! He loves them, "there is red and white and blue". I think they will be very cute for a 3 year old. Leftover yarn will probably be whipped up in ankle socks for me, no rippling flag effects though!

I'm contemplating my next big knitting project, I'd like to make another sweater for myself, will it be Wicked, the T-shirt sweater or Carolyn? I have yarn for all 3, any suggestions?????

Lastly, we finally made it to the Y yesterday morning. It was so nice to be back, now to make it back to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine I had before running. Brendon brought a neighbor friend along and had a gym to themselves to shoot hoops, Jack went to Kids Korner and I got to workout. Awesome! I'm sore today. But I'll go back tomorrow!!

Have a Happy Thursday!


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