Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer, summertime....

Wow! It has been awhile since I've sat down to blog. School was released for the summer on June 11, year 2 of being home all summer with 2 kids. So far its going rather well, we seem to have somewhat of a flow of things, or I do anyway! 1 travel trip is already done, I'll share pics in a moment on that one.
On to the fo's (finished objects). First off, I finished the baby blanket for my college friend Michelle who is now due soon! The blanket has been successfully shipped to Arizona and is waiting arrival of a beautiful baby girl.

After the blanket was finished, I went on a clean up spree and finished my felted bag....here are before and afters modeled by Jack!

After the bag was felted, I finished a Jaywalker sock, the second is almost done, once complete, I'll share pics.
On May 25, the world welcomed my new niece Alyssa Jean, yay! A girl! She came a little early so stayed in the NICU for a bit but is doing great! Jack has been telling everyone about his new cousin, Alyssa and how he held her and gave her lots of kisses. A very proud cousin. Brendon doesn't say much, he did tell Auntie Jean that it was ok she wasn't a boy as he hoped. The funny thing was, Jack guessed it would be a girl although he was a little off on the name, he insisted it would be Kevin!

The photo to the left is me holding her while she was still in the hospital, hence the tube up her nose. That NICU is amazing though, our family has had Jack, my nephew Jacob and now Alyssa there, all within 3 years! Crazy! It was nice to stop up there and see familiar faces, the nursing staff have hearts of gold! Notice the gorgeous hat she's wearing?? The day after she was born, I whipped that up with leftover yarn from the baby blanket. So cute!!

June 9 (I realize I may be backtracking at times, sorry!) Brendon and I finished our running! Yay! 10K Bellin Run here in Green Bay, over 12,000 runners! I completed in 1 hour 9 minutes and 55 seconds, Brendon's time: 1 hour 25 minutes 52 seconds. I'm so proud of the both of us and we had so much fun, we're definitely doing it again next year! I will admit, I only attempted to run once since then, I tried an early morning 3 mile run, didn't go well, then I picked up a lovely summer cold, the boys did too, so I have not worked out, we'll hopefully hit the Y tomorrow.

Here are the boys enjoying the pool this past weekend at my brother-in-law's. Our annual visit to Kirk's brother Sean and family was great! Wonderful weather, great food, excellent company and the drinks were flowing! Saturday was spent outdoors, the women encountered a bit of sunburn so we hit IKEA in the Twin Cities on Sunday and browsed while the men looked after the kids and dogs. Paige did hop onto the floaty with me while I was in the pool, she can't seem to be 10 feet from me lately, I guess that's not much different than normal. I'll add a pic of us floating next time as this is getting long!!!
I'll leave you with a picture of Eggplant and my IKEA purchase. Eggplant comes from this pattern.
I hope to knit more, and take a better photo next time, could make lovely Christmas gifts!!! Speaking of, I should probably start thinking of my holiday knitting before it gets to be crunch time.

Last but not least, here is my IKEA purchase, I've been eyeing this chair for awhile now and was able to purchase while we were in Minnesota. I absolutely LOVE it! Great knitting chair, and the orange throw is soooooo soft! Now to just shorten the curtains behind to make some throw pillows.....................

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