Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WOW! Summer is flying by!

As the title indicates, I sure feel as though just yesterday summer began but, whoa, where did it go?!?!? July is normally our busiest summer month by far and this year did not disappoint. We started off with a 4th of July celebration at our friend's The Zoll's house, lots of fireworks and food and drink! Jack's first sparkler!

The weekend following, we enjoyed a picnic at my Dad's family reunion. I got to enjoy holding my new niece for a long time, she did puke on me but I'll forgive her. I need to knit her a new hat too, she's grown out of her original!

July 13 - 15 our family took our first camping trip with friends Chuck and Joy and thier little boy Ethan. We went out and bought a tent and everything! All in all, things went well, Chuck is an Eagle Scout, so that helped. We also weren't real rustic, it was just a short walk up to the restrooms. Jack enjoyed his very first S'more too and Joy brought assorted milk and dark (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) chocolates for the S'mores. It was a great time!
Camping came and went and by the following Thursday, we were on the road again! This time to:Ok, not the best pic, we went to Miller Park to watch the Brewers pummel the Diamondbacks 10 -1. A few pics at the park: Bob Uecker - we had awesome seats!
The Sausage Race - Cinco won, as Brendon and I predicted...
Uncle Paul and Jack enjoying the game.

The morning after the Brewer win, our travels took us to Lombard, IL for a family reunion at Kirk's Uncle Doug and Aunt Peg's house. What a wonderful time! Plenty of sun, cocktails and food, not to mention the awesome hospitality. The boys spent a lot of time swimming, it was a great time.
Brendon spin diving

Uncle Doug and Jack
Arissa serving my mudslide
Happy Birthday, Honey!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Alyssa's Baptism

Alyssa Jean was baptised on July 1, 2007. Here are Jack and I holding her, he loves his new cousin! Everyone had a nice time at the celebration. Big brother Jacob was doing a lot of running "real fast", as he put it. Thanks to Jean and Randy for the hospitality!