Monday, September 10, 2007

Still here!

Blogging takes time and my time has been spent viewing other blogs vs. updating my own. Quick update on our lives. Brendon started 4th grade last week and every day he comes home saying how much cooler 4th grade is than 3rd was. Things seem to be going well at school for him although math is still the stickler. With a little help from mom though, I'm sure he'll do just fine. He was able to finish the last Harry Potter book at school, he was very excited about that and plans to read it again.

As for Jack, he's welcomed pal Willy back into our home on Mondays and Wednesdays. We sure missed him over the summer, I'm glad I'm able to babysit him again this year, they are too cute together and play really well - so far. AnnaBelle is still coming on Mondays too. I started a part time job at the YMCA and Jack is able to be with me as I'm working in the Kids Korner (drop of childcare). I just started last week but I hope this will open doors for me in the future when Jack heads off to preschool next year and Kindergarten the following.

My PTO board position has been complete but I'm still helping out with a few fundraisers and such at school. We like to keep busy.

I desperately need to upload some pictures. I have completed socks that need to be posted! Love knitting socks, is there anything better? Oh, mittens! I just finished my first pair of mittens, very cute, the boys are bugging me to make them some! Hmm, Christmas, maybe. I restarted the Carolyn sweater, my gauge was off on my first attempt, this time things are going much smoother.

I attended the season opener Packer game yesterday and, whoo hoo! They won! I went with my dad, brother and his girlfriend, whom we all met for the first time. Love her! Unfortunately, I was a tad under the weather from a get together the night before but, hey, that happens, right?!?!

Off to clean something and get Jack dressed. Rainy, dreary weather today and I will have 3 toddlers, I think we will be building puzzles or will craft something.