Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where did November go?

November 29 already! I still have holiday crafting to complete and shopping and decorating and baking and lists to prepare and - wait, I still have time but it's slimming down!

It is ungodly cold here too. The windchill this morning was -2 degrees. That is just too cold. A lady at work said it's terrible, she can handle the cold when there is snow because there is at least something pretty to look at. I think she is right on. The remainder of dried leaves are scattered on the lawn or are blowing throughout the yard as the wind has been bitter too. I guess that's what it's all about though so I shouldn't complain. I guess I'm not even complaining, just telling it how it is here.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving again. My sister-in-law drove up and worked out with me Thursday morning. Gave us the option to indulge in an extra piece of pumpkin pie if we desired. Turned out there was so much food, we didn't need to though. The highlight again this year was the dodgeball game. Every year we had to the sports complex at the in laws condo and use the racquetball room for DODGEBALL! The older the kids are getting, the more challenging it is. Sadly, our team lost the tourney 12-13. Everyone had fun and no one got hurt. We rounded the week off by bowling Friday afternoon. Again, fun! I managed to get Christmas lights up on Saturday and promised to make room for the tree this weekend.

Knitting news: My Carolyn sweater has 1 seam left - not sure why I haven't completed. Laziness I suppose.

The Road to Golden sweater needs to be frogged. It being my first fair isle project, I'm not surprised but I am still sad. I will reknit it. I just need to loosen up a bit on my carrying I guess.

I've been busy getting holiday knits done. Can't post any pics though - until after Christmas. I should really get crackin' on the Holiday sewing too. Hopefully this weekend as there is no Packer game. The Pack plays tonight. GO PACK GO!!!!

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Jillian said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Good luck with all of your Christmas crafting. I think the worst part is that you can't even post photos of your finished projects until after the holidays. I'm always so tempted to but I know my family members read my blog!