Monday, January 21, 2008

A cold, sad weekend but knits to show!

The Frozen Tundra is what it is. That's currently 1 degree with a windchill of -10. It's dang cold! Sadly, the Packers were not able to come up with a win last night losing to the Giants 20-23 in overtime. The cold may have had something to do with it. I thought Brett Favre looked like one of the coldest people there. Seeing him on the sidelines on tv with his face mask on and slipping hand warmers down the front to warm his lips was not a good sign. Life goes on though. I will root for the Giants in the Super Bowl and wait til next year. Of course the media didn't waste any time asking if Favre was coming back next year so I'm sure that will be the buzz around town for awhile. Give the guy some space, geez!

My brother, his girlfriend and their friend came up early for the game so they hung out here during the Patriots/ Charger game. My parent's took the boys for the weekend so my dad brought them home shortly after the Patriot's game had started as dad goes to the Packer games too. Heck, he's the one with the tickets - over 30 years on the waiting list, mind you. It was quite a sight to see the layers they donned before heading out to the game! The kids colored football related pictures to hang on the window for cheerfulness, everyone was in the football spirit! Oh well.

So, onto knitting news. I completed 2 projects this weekend and made some momentous headway on 2 others.
Noro Silk Garden Ribbed Beanie for - me!

Super fast and easy knit. I want to get more of this yarn and make more but I'm on a yarn diet. I will keep it in mind for the future though. Can you feel the enthusiasm from him modeling this?

Ballband Swiffer Cover

This was also easy and oh so useful! Peaches and Cream yarn in 2 colors. It's washable, reusable, and works quite well. Notice the dirt on the left side in the picture, I used it before snapping pics. I plan to make a few more of these.

The Somewhat Cowl

This project is coming along quite nicely. I'm nearing the point where I will place the sleeve caps on waste yarn and join in the round. Being a dk weight yarn, there are A LOT of stitches on this so each row takes awhile to knit. At last count, there were 304 stitches and each right side row has 8 increases. I'm hoping once it's joined in the round it will go fast. No purling!

Tidepool Sock

Why does the dog have to sniff my foot every time I put these on??? These socks are going quite smoothly. They are being knit toe up so I intend to use the entire ball of yarn. I think I will need to go up on needle size though to accommodate my calf. The short row heal on these was so easy too. I may actually prefer toe ups now!

My LYS is holding a copy of 2 at a time Socks for me, I hope to pick it up tomorrow. This process is knitting both socks at once on a long circular. I'm very interested and excited about this. More on that once I have the book in hand.



Paul said...

This is like a quiz site for me. Every post gives me a new acronym to decipher!

LYS = Local Yarn Store?

Julie said...

Local Yarn Shop, actual. Good guess and I'm glad it's quizzy for you.