Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Update on Paige

Paige suffered another seizure this morning. It's very odd that both have occurred immediately after I shower. She usually lays by the bathtub while I shower, guess she won't do that anymore!

So after a message was left for her vet and she hadn't called back in 30 minutes (I love my dog!), I called a friend of a friend who happens to be a vet, only she specializes in birds. She said my dog needs to be seen and made sure I was able to get in today. We did. Thank you Sally!

They took blood and ran tests and the vet called me a moment ago and said everything in the blood work was normal but we will be starting her on medication in order to prevent these seizures. The good news is, her liver is fine, although they will monitor this due to the meds. The bummer is there is nothing showing why she is having seizures but having 2 within 9 days was enough for them, and me, to put her on meds which she will likely be on the rest of her life.

I promise knitting progress soon. I've been very concerned about my dog though. She's very tired now, those episodes must really take a lot out of her! But she's doing well so that's good.



caz5346 said...

Sorry to hear Paige had another seizure but glad to hear she's OK.



Jen said...

I'm happy to hear Paige is ok. I understand the love and concern you can have for your pets. What medication did they put her on?