Monday, February 4, 2008

What I've been up to...

This morning, B left for school at 7:40, J is still sleeping and it's now 9:40 and I have no babysitting kids til 10:30, what's a girl to do? Color her hair of course! I noticed the other day that my highlites were grown out about an inch, this after realizing it's been 2 months since a visit to the salon. Considering the options of a $100+ salon visit or using a box already in my linen closet, I chose the box. Loreal Excellence Cream Medium Golden Brown. I'm happy with how it turned out. Woot!

January 30 was B's 10th birthday, I feel so old! He got to enjoy a snow day, well actually a -40 F windchill day, on his birthday. He had a friend party the weekend before and family celebrated this past Saturday. We gifted him a Racquetball racquet set - included balls, goggles and rule book. He, of course got lots of other goodies from family and friends too. It was a great birthday.

Knitting news: I have a few things under way and a finished project too. I started fuzzy feet for B yesterday and got 1 done. This thing is HUGE! but will shrink when felted.

J also asked for orange socks a few weeks ago and I happened to have some awesome Yarn Pirate sock yarn in my stash and picked up a great sock book - 2 at a time socks.
I was able to whip up a pair of socks for the little guy in about 2 weeks, this whilst knitting other projects too.

The other project I'm nearing completion on is Si, Capitan for a coworker's b-day gift. This baby is ginormous on my little head but should fit her quite well. This was Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky. Easy care! I just need to add buttons and it will be complete.

Finally, I have to mention 2 knitting related cool things I've come upon. First, I checked out 101 Designer One Skein Wonders from the library and it is now on my Wish List along with a hint to hubby that Valentine's Day is fast approaching. This book is great! I had checked out the first edition awhile back and wasn't super excited about it but this one has loads of projects that I want to do. Silly me, I was looking at a pattern and was looking for how much yarn was required then, duh! Realized, hmm, it's a One Skein book, it probably needs 1 skein! This book will be super helpful in the Knit A Long I joined over at Year Long Gift-A-Long. This is a great site! I'm hoping it will alleviate the last minute knitting I experienced last Christmas!

That's all for now. J is now up. Have a great day!

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Robin said...

Your hair looks great! I like your blog and will be adding you to bloglines.