Monday, June 16, 2008

Bellin Run Results

We did it again, B and I ran a 10k on Saturday, our second Bellin Run.

B finished with a time of 1 hour 18 minutes 21 seconds - this is about 7 minutes faster than last year!

For me - I wasn't going to do the run since I didn't really train well for it but decided that since I had to drive B there anyway, I may as well just do it. (Heh, Nike!) My time 1 hour 19 minutes 52 seconds - about 10 minutes slower than last year.

It was fun, always very cool to see the crowds line nearly all of the 6.2 miles of the route. I think our next run will be the Thanksgiving Wyld Turkey 5k.

Note for next year's Bellin Run - TRAIN!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Updated my ticker, instead of running "x" number of miles per week, as I really don't love running, I've decided to track the number of days I workout per week. This week is messed up royally though. I did workout yesterday and planned to workout Thursday and Friday but I now have another commitment Thursday morning so unless I go out and walk or run, I won't get it in as I can't get to the gym. Friday step at 8 am is on though! Any suggestions on your experiences of running/ walking? I'm thinking if I walk 3-4 miles at a decent briskness, I should be good right?? Ever since this stupid cold (which is now gone) hit me 3 weeks ago I've been sedentary and it stinks and it certainly doesn't take long for the body to go kaput! I need to kick it in gear!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer months are near

Ok, I've been absent here. Sorry.

A few goals I have for the summer:
* I added a ticker to track running mileage, I'm hoping to run at least 5 miles per week. This is in addition to other workouts, I plan to run on Monday and Wednesday mornings, continue my weight lifting class on Tuesday mornings, Kick box on Thurs mornings and go to Step on Friday's.
* I haven't posted about it but over a month ago I purchased a spinning wheel! I love it, I haven't spent a whole lot of time with it but plan to dedicate a lot of time this summer to perfecting my spinning. It's a whole other avenue of fiber playing!
* Clean the house - this means purge stuff that is just collecting dust.
* Finish some knitting projects and prioritize projects (to possibly include holiday gifts)
* Be a better blogger!

Guess that's good for now. I'm sure I have lots of photos that should be blogged but now just isn't the time.