Monday, June 16, 2008

Bellin Run Results

We did it again, B and I ran a 10k on Saturday, our second Bellin Run.

B finished with a time of 1 hour 18 minutes 21 seconds - this is about 7 minutes faster than last year!

For me - I wasn't going to do the run since I didn't really train well for it but decided that since I had to drive B there anyway, I may as well just do it. (Heh, Nike!) My time 1 hour 19 minutes 52 seconds - about 10 minutes slower than last year.

It was fun, always very cool to see the crowds line nearly all of the 6.2 miles of the route. I think our next run will be the Thanksgiving Wyld Turkey 5k.

Note for next year's Bellin Run - TRAIN!!!

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Paul said...

Brendon kicked your butt!