Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ode to Gracefulness

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone. We safely returned from our week long trip to Birchwood, WI on Saturday so what better way to enjoy Sunday's 90 degree temps than to work on your tan, right?!?!? That was the plan. Of course I got my suit on, applied my SPF 15 for the day and got comfy in my lounge chair and that's when Jack requested lunch. No prob, I was hungry too so I got up made us sandwiches and took my lunch to the patio to sit on the lounge chair and eat. After polishing off that tasty sandwich I proceeded to adjust myself to tanning position and happily laid, sweating, reading Water For Elephants (good book!). Anywho, after some time Brendon came out and said my leg was bleeding. I thought it was odd since I remember scraping it as I adjusted myself but figured it was just a little scrape. That little scrape got me 5 stitches today! It really didn't bleed much, may have been due to my laying on my stomach so there was pressure on it but it definitely was split enough to require stitches. So much for getting back into a workout schedule this week! I'm on low exertion for 8 days til the stitches come out. It's bandaged now but maybe tomorrow will be a picture of the lovely blue thread!!!

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Paul said...

Smooth move, McClumsyson. :)